Contact: Dr Sameer Singh <>
Course: MSc/PgDip/PgCert in Autonomous Systems
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Lecturer: Dr Sameer Singh

The MSc in Autonomous Systems is dedicated to the study of computer systems that evolve intelligence through interaction with their environment and demonstrate independence in their activities. Autonomous systems can be implemented in software or hardware designed to work independently of manual supervision, and are able to learn about their environment autonomously and evolve with time. Interest in this area is strongly driven by the needs of the computer industry and applications that would benefit enormously from autonomous learning in computers, including such varied areas as information technology, engineering, healthcare and finance. Some examples include autonomous robotics, software agents for electronic commerce and network management, computer based medical diagnostics, security and smart systems, intelligent forecasting, interactive computing, data mining, and safety critical systems.

1) Six taught modules: Intelligent Image Understanding; Pattern Recognition; Computational Signal Processing; Agent Technology; Neural Networks; Natural Language Engineering.
2) Research Methodology module.
3) MSc Research Project. MSc students must take all eight modules. Diploma students take six taught modules and the research methodology module. Certificate students take any four taught modules.

Duration: MSc – 12 months full-time; PgDip – 6 months full-time; PgCert – 4-6 months full-time.
Offered by regular staff members?: Yes
Average number and education level of students: 15


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